Dublin Beekeeping Services

A Registered beekeeper with over 30 years experience. Free Honey Bee Swarm Collection

We are Beekeepers in Dublin and offer a Free Swarm Collection service.

What We Do

Dublin Beekeepers offering a Free Swarm Collection service. We have a list of Beekeepers in Dublin and around the Country who are always willing to collect swarms of Honey Bees and usually your call will be dealt with within the hour. The swarm of bees will be removed and placed in their own hive and all their needs are taken care of by a beekeeper. Please call as soon as a swarm has landed, and before it may leave to form a new home in some unwanted space like your garage roof, attic or porch canopy. PLEASE NOTE...While Bumblebees are endangered and protected but they are not Honeybees and are not what we are looking for as honey bees keepers

Please don't panic and ring Pest Control to kill bees, they are a protected species. Contact a Dublin Beekeeper (Keith) 087-281-8759. Swarming bees are very unlikely to sting.

Don't Panic Questions You May Be Asked

  • Are you sure they are honey bees?
    Wasps are often mistaken for honey bees.
  • How big is the cluster and what does it look like?
    Honey bees cluster as one big mass of bees. If the 'ball' has a gray colour or papery look then it is a wasp nest.
  • Where is the swarm located? How high is it?
    Height usually adds to the difficulty of removal and requires ladders or special equipment.
  • How long have they been here?
    What size is the Cluster of bees. The cluster can be as small as an Orange or as big as a Basket ball.
Photo of a bumble bee, wasp and honey bee
Photo of a wasp nest
Wasp nest